Professional Indemnity


Qualified as a Chartered Accountant (FCA) in 1976 and as an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (ATII) in 1980. Partner in Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) 1987-1989.

Specialist Chartered Accountant providing services to private companies and small pic's including acting as a director, strategic planning, corporate finance and wealth/tax planning.Provision of litigation support services mainly to firms of solicitors and insurers.

Forensic experience

Given evidence in court on many occasions since 1980 including the High Court. Acted as a single joint expert, single expert, shadow expert and collaborative expert.

Key areas include business valuations,taxation, assessment of past and ongoing earnings, tracing of funds and assessing professional indemnity claims. Advice provided on both a formal disclosed and informal undisclosed basis.

I work with large asset and small asset/claims cases. My aim is to work with my instructing solicitor in pinpointing and quantifying the main issues. This leads to a practical approach so that costs are managed in line with the net worth of the case.


Specific services include:




My experience outside of forensic services enables me to bring value to professional indemnity claims covering:



Experience outside of forensic services

Involved in managing many businesses over the years including a continuing role with a substantial specialist steel stockholding group.

Regularly involved in business acquisitions and disposals including management buy outs and settlement of shareholder disputes. This includes business valuations, due diligence, negotiations, finance ra1s1ng and reviewing sale and purchase agreements

Successfully led the turn around of businesses by identifying key issues and implementing a plan including the securing of adequate finance.

Acts as a trustee of several discretionary trusts and self administered pension schemes.

Reported case [20131 EWHC 1196 (Fam)

Examples of case history


Acted in cases involving:




Other experience includes;

Acted as a single expert for W - valuation of a fast growing recruitment services company with a turnover in excess of £300m. This included identifying substantial manipulation of profitability leading to a satisfactory settlement.

Acted as a single expert for W valuing a fast growing outdoor clothing and leisure products retailer with a turnover approaching £1OOm together with numerous property companies and joint venture property development companies. Gross assets £29m.

Acted as single expert for H valuing a profitable specialist steel stockholder with a turnover of between £25m and £30m. My valuation report was issued as part of the initial voluntary Form E and settlement was achieved around this initial valuation level. Total net assets £19m.

Acted as a single expert for W in respect of the valuation of two retirement villages owned by businesses in a complex structure ultimately owned by an offshore trust. Advice included taxation restructures in order to extract funds.

Acted as a single joint expert involving a dispute over the valuation of stocks and the impact on the overall value of the underlying locksmith business.

Advised on price and raised finance to facilitate a management buy out of a supplier of refractory materials to the steel industry.

Advised on the technicalities of a sale by a significant minority shareholder so that a capital route purchase of own shares would be accepted by HMRC. This transaction also involved compensation for loss of office and the transfer of a property owned by the business.